Інтерв’ю для Virtual Underground з Mavka

Virtual Underground: How has this Mavka story started?
Mavka: I was always interested in music all my life, 3 years now in electronic music particularly. My community is all about creating something interesting and beautiful. I had people to teach me the basics of mixing music and creating the sound. It was something completely new and fresh, filling me with great energy.

Virtual Underground: What motivates you most to do your music?
Mavka: My state of mind, when I am playing is like I am in another dimension. Music is my shelter, it’s like a place, in which I am separated from the whole world. It’s like a time machine, it can get you to any moment of your life. And you can feel such a wide range of emotions!

Virtual Underground: What inspires your work?
Mavka: The people I met in my life during my way, they are so inspiring.🖤 When I see the eyes full of fire to the things they love, I can feel the special vibe coming out from the heart. Isn’t it inspiring?

Virtual Underground: Could you tell us about your mixing process
Mavka: Usually I build my set like I’m telling the story to the listener. I have a big collection of ambient music and I love to experiment with the beginning. Usually, next part of the set is more dancy with it’s culmination and ending. I like deep hypnotic sound, because it’s meditative and groovy.

Virtual Underground: What software/hardware do you use?
Mavka: For recording my sets I use Traktor and a controller, for experimenting with sound I use Elektron Octatrack, Elektron Analogrhytm and Elektron Analog Four.

Virtual Underground: What about your next plans?
Mavka: I am working on my sound design now, because my plans are to prepare a live set soon. All I know now is that I just need to keep moving forward and do all my best for getting more experience in all this things. Also, I am coming back to Ukraine soon and I will have gigs in Kiev and, for sure, I will make techno parties. Thank you for your attention 🙏

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